Zed is one of the champions most chosen on the middle route in the LoL (League of Legends), but can also be found on the top route. When strong, it can easily surprise and blow targets. Check out how to play with Zed and also counter and buid tips.

How to play with Zed in League Of Legends [counter and build]

How to play from Zed on LoL

Zed is in the assassins class and manages to have enough damage from the beginning of the game. His passive strengthens him against low-life targets, and his skill set is useful for picking up isolated targets. Keep in mind that you should always create an advantage: either at the route stage or at other lanes.

Zed’s main combo is:

  1. Use your W (Shadow Live) to position a shadow near your target;zed-2
  2. Activate the ultimate R (Fatal Mark) to teleport to the target and create another Living Shadow. At this point you will have two active Live Shadows (W and R);
  3. Damage with Q (Shuriken Laminate) and E (Shadow Cut);
  4. Expect the ultimate brand breakout damage. You can also reposition yourself in one of the Living Shadows by reactivating the ability that created it (they become active for five seconds after they are created).

Remember if:

The more damage you cause on the target while it is on the ultimate branding effect, the more damage it will cause when it bursts. Using the shadows near the targets will also make them match the Q and E skills you use on them.

Use to use items that also do damage during this exchange to amplify the final damage.

Fire is a spell usually chosen for Zed, to aid him in exchanges and in the route phase.

It can be difficult to get in and out of team fights with the champion, if the enemy composition does not favor their eliminations, focus on pushing alternative routes, Zed takes towers with ease.

How to play against Zed in LoL (counter)

Zed’s vulnerability is when he is without his E (Living Shadow), forcing this ability and planning an ambush with his hunter can give him an edge in the fight against him.

Avoid being caught by the Q (Shuriken Laminate), skew whenever possible. All Zed damage is physical, building armor will reduce his impact on you.

For wizards on the middle route, Zhonya’s Hourglass can undo all Zed’s ultimate damage, but must be used as soon as he teleports into you and attempts to perform the combo.

Lissandra or Kayle are good counter for Zed, since the ultimate of the two can make them invulnerable, as the Zhonya Hourglass works.


The ultimate in Lissandra can undo the damage of Zed’s ultimate

If you use Flash to escape, use it after it reappears from the ultimate. This will not cause damage, and the ultimate brand overflow will not cause much damage (be careful not to teleport near the shadows).

What items are good for Zed (build)

Itemization for a champion should vary from start to finish and when it is changed in LoL updates. What usually works for Zed is:

  1. Draktharr’s Twilight: In addition to ignoring part of the enemy’s armor, it increases the damage done when not seen by sentries, to pick up isolated targets, by surprise.
  2. Youmuu Ghost Blade: Has the same effect as the previous item. But its active functionality gives Zed movement speed for six seconds, making it easier to use the ultimate.
  3. The Black Cleaver: This item reduces enemy armor by up to 24% and also grants speed of movement by dealing damage to an enemy champion.

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