How to play with PS4 on Apple TV and PC

Do you have a PS4 and an Apple TV in two separate rooms? Then surely you could be interested in this guide. Below I’ll reveal a small trick that I designed to stream the PS4 on Apple TV. Beware though, you need to have a Mac that supports the AirPlay feature. If you have Windows, there are programs that allow you to take advantage of the function Apple AirPlay (type Air My Pc), but not having a Windows computer I could not test its operation. You can always try and let us know in the comments if it works.

This is an excellent solution for playing games on the PlayStation 4 on another device, as Apple TV can in this case. I propose this solution, because I have both devices and I have had the opportunity to verify it personally. In reality, streaming is used to use games on the Apple TV. Let’s see how to implement this solution.

Play with PS4 on Apple TV: how to play the PlayStation 4 on the Apple TV

As I said, having the PlayStation 4 in my room, I sometimes happened to want to play PS4 games in a different room in the one in which the console is placed, like the living room, where there is a bigger television. In these cases moving the console from one room to another was certainly an uncomfortable and shocking choice and since I am the king of the lazy I immediately thought of an alternative solution. It was at this moment that a light bulb lit up: take advantage of the Apple TV I have in the other room. Yes, but how?

Looking around I could not find any programs or hacking solutions that would allow you to stream with PS4 games on the Apple TV, but I did not resign myself, because when one has a need, it mobilizes to find a solution.

How to play with the PS4 on your computer

For those who do not know, Sony has released a program that allows playback of PS4 titles on Windows and Mac computers. It is called “PS4 Remote Play” and you can download it directly from the PlayStation site. I thought then to use this software to stream the PlayStation 4 on Apple TV. This is not officially planned, but I have found ways to make it work on Apple’s TV. Here is the procedure to follow.

After downloading and installing the program on your computer, which can be a Mac or PC Windows, you need to proceed with the “PS4 Remote Playback” configuration. To do this, you will need to do the following on your PS4 device.

  • Enable Remote Playback. To select  (Settings)> [Remote Play Connection Settings], and then select the [Enable Remote Play] check box.
  • Activate the system as the main PS4™ system. To select  (Settings)> [Account Management]> [Activate as Main PS4]> [Activate].
  • To start Remote Play while the PS4™ system is in sleep mode, select (Settings)> [Power Save Settings]> [Sets the functions available in the sleep mode]. Then select the [Stay connected to the Internet] and [Enable PS4 on the network] check boxes.

At this point you will be able to play PS4 games directly on your computer. Much of the work is done.

How to play with the PS4 on the Apple TV

Now all you need to do is start the “PS4 Remote Play” program on your computer, turn on the Apple TV and start remote AirPlay playback by choosing the “Duplicate AirPlay Monitor” option. This feature allows you to transmit everything that appears on your computer screen directly to the Apple TV.

Attention: as already mentioned, the AirPlay function is available natively only on Apple devices, and is accessible via the icon placed in the top bar of the Menu, usually next to the Wi-Fi symbol. If you have a Windows device you can try to use some programs like “Air My Pc” that allow you to take advantage of this feature on Windows PC, but I have not had the opportunity to test it.

If all goes well, you’ll finally get the streaming of PS4 games on the Apple TV.

Note: it is important to specify that this is an “alternative” solution and therefore the stability of the streaming is not guaranteed. It is important that the room where the Apple TV is located is not very far from the one in which the PS4 is located, because the Controller will still have to keep the signal with the Sony console (as it must remain connected to the PS4). Moreover, the quality of the streaming depends a lot on the type of connection that is used: with the Fiber connection I managed to play, but can not miss the slowdowns or the quality drops. It is obviously discouraged (if not impossible) to play online.

In short, it is an “adapted” solution that does its duty. I mainly exploit it when I have friends at home and I want to play games like Fifa or other game parties on a bigger TV.

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