Remotely Control Windows PC, MAC but also iOS and Android

Chrome Remote Desktop allows you to remotely control any device that is a Windows PC, MAC, iPhone and iPad with iOS and even Android smartphones and tablets. Try it

Manage from Windows PC, MAC but also iOS and Android

It is one of the most common problems that I can manage to drive a person when he needs a procedure or assistance.

Here, the ability to access remotely on any location and device may become necessary for those who want to provide assistance, but unfortunately it is not easy and above all you must provide an application made ad hoc based on the device to be controlled.

If the device has at least the Google Chrome browser you have solved all your problems, because with the Chrome Remote Desktop extension, you can take possession of all the existing devices.

Chrome Remote Desktop, compatible with Google Chrome, and therefore with all devices such as computers with Windows, notebooks and computers with macOS but also with iPhone and iPad that use iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, so on balance you can access remotely on any device only by installing the Chrome Remote Desktop extension on the Google Chrome browser.

Remote Access Guide on Windows, MAC, iOS and Android

To remotely access all devices compatible with Google Chrome you must:

  • Download Chrome Remote Desktop by clicking HERE.
  • Click on Add.
  • Wait until the app is installed.
  • Now a window will open where you can add the Google account (that of GMail or Android smartphone).
  • Now open Chrome and in the address bar type chrome://apps.
  • From the top white box look for Chrome Remote Desktop and then click on Start.
  • Click on Activate remote connections.
  • In automatic it will download a file that will be opened.
  • Once the installation is complete, you will be able to log in to Chrome Remote Desktop.
  • Enter the Google account.
  • Click on Share to activate the sharing of your device remotely (you will be returned a code on the screen).
  • This number must be communicated to the person who must take possession of our device.
  • If you want to end sharing, simply press on Stop sharing.
  • Instead, choosing the other option under Share, then Log in, we will always log in with our Google account and then enter the code provided by the person on the device to be controlled.

Download Chrome Remote Desktop

You can download the Chrome Remote Desktop extension for the Google Chrome browser by clicking on the following link which will install the Chrome addon for remote control of any device.

Download Chrome Remote Desktop

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