Turn Windows 10 into macOS In One Click

Here’s how to turn your computer with Windows 10 into macOS in a few simple steps. Just one click to get the graphics of macOS on Windows 10

Bring macOS graphics to Windows 10 in one click

Turn Windows into a Mac: desktop graphics, functions, commands and widgets quickly and easily!

Needless to deny it: the graphics of macOS is one of the best available today on computers. The menus are clear to use, the functions are all at hand, the icons are perfectly designed, they immediately sense the app to which they refer and in general the desktop is clean, organized and conveys a sense of security and tranquillity.

The same can not be said of Windows 10, where the animated giant square graphics of Microsoft’s operating system transmits only chaos and confusion. The system functions are well hidden, some are made with modern graphics, others with older graphics. The result is a system interface that only creates confusion in the end user’s head.

After all, this is one of the reasons why I chose to leave Windows and move permanently to macOS. 

But if you are necessarily tied to Windows 10 or you are particularly fond of this operating system, but at the same time you want to customize it with the graphics and the interface of macOS, the program that you mark today you will like a lot!

In fact, today I’ll explain how to turn Windows 10 into macOS in one click, thanks to a program that basically does everything completely automatically.

macOS UX Pack 4.0

Thanks to this graphic package that can be installed in a click on Windows 10 you can change and completely distort the graphics of the operating system: you can say goodbye to the giant Microsoft and receive the clean and tidy graphics made by Apple for macOS.

Obviously the transformation is just graphics, while all the features of the system will remain the classic Windows. I assure you, however, that even if you change the theme, graphics and layout of the icons and menus, using Windows 10 will be much more pleasant. 

In particular, the tool includes not only the graphic theme, but also the font, the dock bars and many other plugins capable of bringing the functions of the desktop of the new Mac in Windows 10. From the Windows login screen up to the graphic theme, the icons and the controls, everything will be replaced with a new view in full Mac style.

The program, as anticipated, is very easy to use, install and configure. To help you, however, I wrote a quick text guide with the various steps to follow to turn Windows 10 into macOS. 

How to turn Windows 10 into macOS In A Click

Step 1:  download and install MacOS UX Pack 4.0 from HERE

Step 2:  have the exe file and follow the on-screen instructions

Step 3:  Enjoy the new Windows 10 interface, which will now be virtually identical to macOS.

NOTE: if for any reason the new graphics and system interface are not to your liking, you can simply go to the Control Panel and uninstall macOS UX Pack like any other application.

In short, in one click install this graphic customization, in another click remove it if you do not like it. With this guide you can not install Mac on Windows 10, but you can at least have the graphics and the interface of the Apple operating system inside your computer.

What are you waiting for to try this kit to turn Windows 10 into macOS? 

Let us know in the comments how you are and what do you think of this fantastic program, which is really light and does not affect the system resources in any way. 

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