Poké Ball Plus guide: how it works and why to buy it

Poké Ball Plus is the accessory available for Pokémon on Nintendo Switch: all the functions and the complete guide to use the various options.

Pokémon for Switch has officially arrived for a few weeks and is already a sales record: Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee are among the best selling titles in the series and can be purchased through various options, including the exclusive Poké Ball Plus accessory.

Poké Ball Plus is a controller, working only with the both titles developed by Nintendo and Game Freak, which traces in shape the famous and iconic sphere of games: equipped with different controls, two physical buttons and a stick the controller is able to provide users with a different and more immersive game experience.

The price is about $49.90: definitely high for a device that is able to work only with the titles Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee. Many will have wondered if it is worth buying, and how it works within the game (and with Pokémon GO, to which the device can connect).

Buying Poké Ball Plus will add an extra touch to your gaming experience, as well as giving you access to different options like connecting with Pokémon GO and the legendary Mew creature. Here is the complete guide.

Poké Ball Plus: how to use it

Poké Ball Plus can count on a practical lace and a ring, to tie to the wrist and insert in a finger to be sure that the device in the shape of a sphere does not get out of hand (maybe taken from the enthusiasm of the game).

In Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee you can use the controller to move around in the game and in the various options windows, in addition to using it instead of the traditional joy-con for a more immersive experience.

The device can count on a stick, able to make us move in the game and two physical buttons: one clickable by pressing the lever, the other in the upper part (corresponding to the traditional B key). All correlated by a colored led, which changes depending on the capture and the captured Pokémon.

To turn it on, simply press the central stick: the device will vibrate and the sphere LED will flash. At that point, just select the device in the appropriate section that will appear once the game is started.

How does the Y key work? Many will have asked how to make up for the lack of a key to access certain options. Using Poké Ball Plus you can make up for the absence of the Y key simply by shaking the sphere itself, the movement will allow you to access all the desired windows.

Poké Ball Plus: how to download Mew

Mew, the legendary Pokémon Mysterious, is available only by purchasing the Poké Ball Plus. A choice that has made many people turn up their noses, given the unique possibility of obtaining the notorious one hundred and fifty-first monster just buying a 50 dollar device.

In practice, instead of capturing it, the creature must be purchased together with the device, which will contain it in level one.

You can get Mew, if you have a Poké Ball Plus, at any time of the game: by accessing the Secret Gift option from the main menu, simply select “Receive gift via Poké Ball Plus” to download inside the I play the legendary creature.

Poké Ball Plus: how to connect to Pokémon GO

Poké Ball Plus can also be used as an additional accessory for Pokémon GO: the killer mobile app that has involved millions of users all over the world can be connected with the game accessory in a similar way to what was already happening with Pokémon GO Plus.

To connect the Poké Ball Plus to your Pokémon GO account you can proceed in this way: start the application on your smartphone, go to Settings, click the Poké Ball Plus entry and turn on Bluetooth.

After that, in the game window (with the map and avatar of your character) click on the icon in the shape of a sphere and turn on your Poké Ball Plus to connect it. Once connected, you can leave the application in the background and lock your phone: the sphere will vibrate and emit sounds every time a Pokémon will be nearby, being able to groped by simply clicking on the central button of the device, and will also calculate the precious kilometers for hatching eggs, in addition to automatically acquire the tools of the Pokéstops.

Poké Ball Plus: how to walk a Pokémon

Through the options menu, under “Save”, you can bring a Pokémon from the Nintendo Switch game with us through the transfer inside the Poké Ball Plus.

Once locked up in the sphere, you can interact with the creature on duty by shaking or caressing the sphere: in response, your partner will emit some verses and sounds, making the sphere light up through the appropriate LED.

Interaction does not work? Quiet, obviously the silent mode is active: to deactivate it, simply hold down the central and upper button of the sphere at the same time and then release them. Now shake the ball: if you hear the Pokémon verse transferred to the Poké Ball Plus, the operation has been successful.

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