How to update Opera browser(Windows, MacOS and Linux)

If you are looking for the latest features of Opera Browser it is important to keep your browser up to date. The software will automatically download the update when it is available, but you can also manually check it.

Doing this periodically is important if you do not use the browser often. The process is very similar in Windows, in macOS and also in Linux distros. Remember to check the number of the current browser version at the top of the page.

How to upgrade Opera (on computer)

  1. Open the Opera menu (the “O” button in Windows and Linux).
  2. In the process below, this is the term “Opera” in the toolbar on the Mac;
  3. Click Update & Recovery;
  4. Click the “Check for Update” button;
  5. After downloading the Opera update, click “Refresh”.


When the update is finished, you are prompted to restart Opera. The browser will now open with the updated version. You can check by reworking the steps above.

If you are having problems with Opera, you may need to recover your browser to the default settings. In this same path, there will be the option “Recover”. You will have two alternatives if you choose to reset browser settings.

  • Keeping your data and resetting only Opera settings will
    revert the search engine to default, remove fixed tabs, and reset browser settings. It also disables all extensions and clears temporary data, such as cookies. Your bookmarks, history, and passwords will not be deleted.
  • Reset your data and Opera will
    revert the search engine to default, remove fixed tabs, and reset the settings. It will also delete all extensions, bookmarks, history, saved passwords, and temporary data, such as cookies. It will be like downloading it again from scratch.

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