Pokémon GO moves: Tips and Tricks

Pokémon GO is a game that focuses on capturing pocket monsters, and that offers a series of challenges for the player. Some of them call for a set number of excellent moves, which require a lot of practice. Learn how to make excellent moves in Pokémon GO below, and gain maximum experience with each Pokémon released.

How to make great moves in Pokémon GO
Pokémon GO (Image: Press Release/Niantic/The Pokémon Company)

How many types of moves are there?

In Pokémon GO, when you hold the Poké Ball and prepare to make a move, you will see an animated colored ring, which decreases in size as time goes by.

This ring shows the throwing area that the player must aim to obtain some bonuses when capturing a Pokémon. Each move can be classified into 4 categories:

  • Normal move: The Pokémon hit the Pokémon outside the colored ring, but inside the gray ring;
  • Good move: The Poké Ball hit the ring, with a size of 100% to 50% of the total;
  • Great move: The Poké Ball hit the ring, with a size of 49% to 25% of the total;
  • Excellent move: The Poké Ball hit the ring, with size below 25% of the total.
make great moves in Pokémon GO 1
Position of the ring in the plays good, great and excellent (Image: Reproduction/Niantic/The Pokémon Company)

The excellent move is the most difficult, as it is necessary for the Pokémon to reach the Pokémon inside the ring when it is very small, almost closing. However, there is a “cheat” that facilitates the process.

How to make great moves in Pokémon GO

When you touch and release a Poké Ball, the animated ring will be “saved” in the last displayed position. When you touch the Poké Ball again, the animation continues from that point on.

So, the method for making an excellent play more easily is as follows:

  1. During the battle with the Pokémon, touch and hold the Pokemon;
  2. Wait until the ring reaches the size necessary for excellent play, then release your finger;
  3. When the Pokémon attacks, hold the Pokémon again;
  4. Synchronize the move with the end of the attack animation, so that the Pokémon hits the Pokémon as soon as it returns to its normal position.
make great moves in Pokémon GO 2
Excellent successful play (Image: Playback/Niantic/The Pokémon Company)

If you synchronize everything correctly, the ring will reappear the moment the Pokémon hits the Pokémon, and it will be in the “saved” position.

It is important to train the crosshairs to hit the ring, which will be very small, but when setting the timing , its position when hitting the Pokémon will always be the one you left when you released the Pokémon the first time.

An excellent successful move increases the chances of capture, and if you catch the Pokémon, you will gain more experience points. As you improve your pitches, you can also risk making an excellent curved play, the one with the highest score.

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