How to get credits in Call of Duty Mobile Easily

The credits of Call of Duty Mobile is one of two currencies of the game, the less rare and the player accumulates performing certain activities. With it, you can purchase CPs, the premium currency, and buy equipment and skins for your character. Here, we explain how to get credits in an easy way.

How to earn credits on Call of Duty Mobile

Credits and CPs

Call of Duty Mobile has two types of game currency, credits and CPs, or CoD Points. The first is the common one, which you receive for free when playing, while the second must be purchased with real money.

In the game, you buy equipment and character skins with CPs only. Credits can be used to purchase the premium currency, so you can get CPs by playing and accumulating the common currency.

How to earn credits on Mobile CoD

There are a number of activities in the game that earn credits. Check out:

1. Enter the game every day

How to earn credits on Call of Duty Mobile 1

Call of Duty Mobile has a login calendar, which offers rewards every time the user opens the game. When you log in every day, you’ll get better and better prizes, from weapon skins to credits. If you can complete the calendar, you can accumulate more than 1,000 credits with daily logins only.

2. Complete missions and events

Call of Duty Mobile has a series of daily and weekly events and missions, which yield several rewards. Some, but not all, may have credits between rewards, so it’s always important to check which ones are available, and invest in those that earn coins.

3. Evolve the player level

How to earn credits on Call of Duty Mobile 2

You evolve your user account in Call of Duty Mobile when playing, and each level grants a reward. From level 58 onwards, it is possible to receive credits as a prize among the others, so just play and evolve to earn the coins.

4. Read the emails

The Call of Duty Mobile inbox contains messages sent by developers on a variety of subjects, and they contain rewards that can be credited, and very rarely, even CPs. Therefore, always check your inbox and read messages to collect prizes.

5. Evolve the Battle Pass

How to earn credits on Call of Duty Mobile 3

Call of Duty Mobile has a Battle Pass, which offers prizes such as weapons and credits to the player in free mode, as the player evolves. The premium pass, paid with CPs, offers character skins and CPs.

If you don’t want to buy the premium pass, you can play and evolve the free pass, accumulating as many credits as possible.

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