Powerful, simple and professional web app for Chrome, iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows to improve photo quality: Polarr

Among the many applications that there are to edit photos, sometimes there is one that stands out more than others for its ability to make simple operations that otherwise, using programs like Photoshop, would be complex.

The latest arrival is available a bit ‘for all platforms (Windows, Android, iOS, as a web app and as a Chrome app), is called Polar, and is really a ‘photo editor appĀ that is a pleasure to use for both experts of photo editing and for those who want an easy-to-use editing tool.

Polarr Photo Editor 3 is a professional app optimized to be easy to use either from a PC with a mouse or a tablet or smartphone using your finger.

You can download Polarr for free from the official site as an app for iPhone and Android, as a Chrome app (which also works offline) or you can use the web app from any browser, without downloading anything.

The purpose of the tool is to improve the quality of the photos using the various adjustment sliders that are semi-automatic and work beautifully.

What appeals to the application is that every change to the photo is previewed and so it becomes very easy to get the desired effect.

Opening the app you can immediately follow a mini tutorial that shows the position of the main buttons: on the left side there are the preset filters, on the right side the manual adjustments while on the top the keys for file management and change history. At the top, at the first start, a button appears explaining how to improve the quality of the photo and how to get a much brighter image, with the most vibrant colors and the most defined details.

Through the tools on the right you can then remove the typical obfuscation of each photograph, increase the exposure of light, highlight the most vivid areas, improve the contrast to avoid making the image look too artificial, darken or lighten the edges, change the saturation and the tonality of the photo.

With the buttons at the top right you can also crop a photo, add a radial mask and the gradient mask.

The application was designed with the obvious purpose of compensating for the weaknesses of the most advanced photo editing tools, such as Adobe Lightroom, a big and not at all easy to use program.

The application Polarr on Windows 10 (which is not free) has almost the same features of Adobe Lightroom while being faster, lighter and smaller, only 5 MB compared to 2GB of Lightroom.

The filters on the left are preset, but you can also add new ones using the very intuitive and simple creation tool.

Polarr is an application for PCs, tablets and cell phones that every photo-editing enthusiast must try, perfect to improve the quality of each photo as a professional would, but without getting lost in complicated configurations.


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