The Instagram received a new feature that allows you to add private comments on photos of friends. Available in the iPhone app ( iOS ) and on Android phones, the feature allows you to attach media in direct messages from the feed. In this way, any post viewed can be commented on without others seeing what was written.

The message arrives in the Instagram Direct Inbox as well as the replies to the comment, keeping the conversation totally private. To learn how to comment posts by direct message in Instagram, follow the following tutorial.

Step 1. Open Instagram and touch the arrow icon below the post. Then choose the “Reply” option;

Step 2. The post will be attached and you must type your comment in the “Write a message” area. After that, press the “Send” option.

Ready. The person will receive your comment in the box of Instagram Direct and will know which post you are quoting.

Still not sure how to do it, Follow this quick one minute video:


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