How to post on Facebook and Instagram at same time automatically

With so many features in common, Facebook and Instagram have become pretty much the same thing. It’s only natural that you want to publish the same pictures on Mark Zuckerberg’s two social networks, even if you use one more than another. From Feed to Stories, you can automatically share posts on social networks at the same time, without the need for other applications. Just use the connections built into them.


  • You can link multiple Instagram accounts to one (1) Facebook profile/page
  • You can only link one (1) Facebook profile/page to an Instagram account

From Instagram to Facebook

From Instagram to Facebook News Feed

If your goal is to share the same photos in the feed of two social networks:

  1. Access your profile and tap “Settings”;
  2. Touch the “Settings” and touch “Privacy & Security”;
  3. Under “Linked Accounts” touch “Facebook;
  4. You may need to grant the first access, enter the login information;
  5. Choose which “Profile” or “Fan Page” will receive posts from the Instagram Feed;

Note that you can only choose one (1) page or one (1) Facebook profile that you manage to post photos. You can not choose more than one in any case.

When linked accounts, you have the option to share Facebook posts on the same screen where you add captions. Just enable or disable the key (default is off).

The Facebook post goes exactly with the same Instagram caption. If you mark a person, the markup also works on Facebook if the person has also connected both accounts and the social network can recognize who it is.

From Instagram Stories to Facebook Stories

If your goal is to share the same photos in the Stories of two social networks:

In the “Facebook Options” screen (same as you choose your profile or page), scroll to the end and find the “Preferences” option. There you can choose two things:

  • Share your Instagram Story on Facebook automatically;
  • Share your Instagram Feed posts in Facebook Feed automatically (and waive the use of the selector switch with each new post);

If you prefer, on this same screen, you can also “Unlink” both accounts once.

Other ways to share Instagram’s Story on Facebook

  1. Create a new story, then tap “Next”;
  2. Touch “Your Facebook Story” and “Share.”


  1. Access your profile and touch “Menu” and “Settings”;
  2. Touch “Privacy and security” and “Story controls”;
  3. Next to “Share your story on Facebook”, enable the key to allow.

When you share your Instagram story on Facebook, it will appear as a story at the top of Facebook News Feed as well. Keep in mind that any content you share on Facebook, including your Instagram story, will have your Facebook privacy settings. Adjust if necessary.

From Facebook to Instagram

As Instagram came after (it was acquired for $ 1 billion in 2012 ), Facebook understands that it is the main social network. Instagram and WhatsApp are other social networks (with privileges, of course). So there is no native way of taking all Facebook posts to Instagram and fail to visit Instagram every day to post.

You can do on any Facebook photo in the mobile app:

  1. Clicking/touching the photo first (this is important!);
  2. Access the three-point menu at the top;
  3. Choose “Share”;
  4. This will allow you to share, one by one, native photo or video in Instagram.

But automatically, Facebook has not yet come up with any straightforward solution.

If you have a Facebook Page and want to connect to Instagram

If you are an administrator or publisher of a Facebook Page, you can connect or disconnect your page from an Instagram account. Access, however, does not include posts.

  1. Click “Settings” in the upper right corner of your page;
  2. Click “Instagram” in the left column;
  3. Enter your username and password and click “Sign In”.

By connecting your Facebook page to an Instagram account, you and any administrators and editors of your page can do the following:

  1. Edit the details of your Instagram account on Facebook;
  2. Read and respond to Instagram comments in your inbox in the Page Manager application (Page moderators can also do this);
  3. Create Instagram ads on Facebook;

And just.

But, you can count on the wonderful IFTTT applets (do not know what it is? I do not believe). Just create an account and use some resources available for various social networks, developed by the community. I found one of them that can help pages.

However, Facebook Applets for Instagram are rare.

It is worth noting that your Facebook Story will not go directly to Instagram.

In such cases, it may be interesting to use Hootsuite, Buffer, Later or another social network manager that allows you to publish in more than one at a time.


When you link an Instagram account to Facebook, your Facebook friends who are on Instagram may receive a notification that you are there.

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