At the end of this article you will have figured out how to prevent unwanted reboots Windows 10. That is, the Windows Update service regularly checks if an update is available, once the download is complete and it is installed. After installation, sometimes it is necessary to restart.

This restart can also occur when it has not been scheduled and a document or job is running on your computer. Some settings can tell Windows 10 that you want to disable or change the installation time.

To avoid this problem, Windows 10 also proposes to set the hours of activity during which you do not have to restart our PC for any reason. Here’s how, Windows 10: Change hours of activity to prevent unwanted reboots.

How to prevent unwanted restarts Windows 10

Go to settings with the gear wheel icon that appears in the start menu or search in the search box.

Then find the “Update and Security” tab.

Then choose “Windows Update” where you can find the link “Change business hours”.

By clicking on this link, which is also accessible when you set it to standby, the system displays a start time and an end time. Choose here the times when you are usually in front of the computer or when you do not want your computer to automatically reboot.

However, Windows 10 currently limits this possibility to a maximum of 12 hours. If the hours you want to configure are much more than the established limit, Windows 10 will display an error message.

After configuration, do not forget to save the changes. Be careful, however, to regularly save your work. Other events such as a system crash can interrupt the session in use and cause loss of work.

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