How to prevent access to a site with Google Chrome? There are lots of free extensions that can help us solve the problem, but we decided to talk to you specifically about Block Site. Thanks to its completely free installation you can block any site you want, so you can surf in peace whenever you want.

Block Site will allow you to deny access to certain sites in different ways. The first of all is the most used by users, perhaps because it is easier and faster. First of all you need to access the extension interface and enter the URL of the site we want to block; alternatively, you can right-click on each point of the site to add it to the unwanted list.

Among the various advanced options of Block Site you can also add the days on which certain sites must be blocked, keeping everything under control thanks to a calendar. Furthermore, it is proposed the possibility to prevent access to sites based on the content, or the words present: what does this mean? It will be possible to block every site that represents a specific theme. Among the various advantages, there is also the opportunity to be directed to another site in case you try to access the blocked one.

Finally, any change made to certain malicious sites or that you do not wish to see, will be protected by a special password. In this way, no individual who uses your computer can unlock what you have blocked, or make any changes. This solution is a valid choice to be used in case of problems, or simply to prevent the little ones come into contact with portals decidedly obsolete for their age group. Thanks to Block Site you will be able to surf peacefully and not fear any risk for the members of your family.


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