App to receive fake sms with personalized sender

Do you want to show your fake friends’ messages received for more or less fun purposes? Here are the applications to use to receive fake sms with the sender chosen by you. All the applications presented here are available for free on the Google Play Store, so just choose which one you prefer and click on the link in the description.


Let’s start with Yazzy, the application (which you can download at this address ) will allow you to create a sea of fake conversations, not only fake sms, but also fake chat on Whatsapp or Facebook, unlikely status updates on social networks, fake tweets and much more. Here we focus on fake text messages, and here the app performs very well its work, allowing you to choose which messaging client to imitate, if the classic Android, or if the default iPhone.

Fake SMS

Fake SMS (which you can download at this address ) is more Spartan, it only allows you to pretend to receive and send fake messages, or to replicate fake conversations via sms had with whoever you want. Here you will see everything through the graphical interface typical of the messaging app for Android phones.

Fake call & SMS

Last, but not leastFake Call & SMS (On the Play Store at this address ) is instead a nice application, which as intuited by the title, allows you to imitate not only a fictitious exchange of messages with a sender decided by you, but also receiving fake calls. Here the purpose is not only that of the nice screenshot to show off to friends, but rather to escape from unwanted situations by starting a fake call to disappear immediately after. More useful application than this fun.

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