How to download entire photo album from Facebook quickly

Have you ever wanted to download a photo from Facebook right? We will suggest you how to download entire photo albums from facebook quickly and without problems.

As long as the need is about downloading a single photo, it is easy to do it with the command “Save Image As …” present in the options menu of the right mouse button, when you click on the photo. If you need to download whole albums with tens or hundreds of photos, then the method becomes absolutely impractical.

Being able to download entire photo albums from Facebook is among other things a great way to use the social network as a cloud computing platform to save your favorite photos online, accepting the compromise to see them “reduced” in quality. You may also be interested in photos on groups or on albums of your friends and if you decide to unsubscribe from Facebook or want to recover photos put online to save them on another PC, device, or export them to another social network, then the solution to your problem is called: Pick & Zip.

This web application (usable directly from the browser, by clicking on this address ) is particularly easy to use, the only drawback is to accept the massive amount of advertising that the web app will propose to you starting from the home page, but quiet, separate advertising the site is secure and does not present various problems.

However, let’s see how to select and start downloading photos from the albums you are interested in:

  • Access the site
  • Log in using your Facebook account and confirm access
  • Select from the left column the page or the name of the friend you are interested in the album, or if the photos are on your profile select “Find my photos and videos“, where you will also find the photos in which you were tagged
  • Open the album you are interested in and select the “Select All” option if you want to download all the photos in the album, or select them individually if you are interested in just a few.
    You can also download photos from several different albums simultaneously
  • Confirm and wait until the download is finished

You will then have downloaded from your Facebook profile, from a page that you follow, or from a friend of yours, the photos that interest you and you can export them to other social networks ( Instagram or Twitter for example) or save them in a secure folder on your disk drive.

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