How to publish an application on Google Play Store

Do you want to upload your application on the Google Play Store? Then read here how to publish it.

To do this you must activate an account as a developer and then upload the apk file already prepared online and wait for the Google team to examine it and insert it in the Play Store.

  • From this link, create a developer account
  • You must log in with your Google Accountaccept the terms and conditions of the contract and then enter the details of your account as a developer.
  • Having done this you will need to log in to the Google Play Developer Console that you find in the link in this sentence
  • Here select the Add a new application option
  • Select the default language and give a title to your application, ie the name that users will then see associated with your application
  • Now select Upload APK and put the file you want to make public online, after which choose Prepare tab from the store to enter the description of your application. That is a brief description, a complete description and to follow what’s new in this version.

Once the procedure is finished, you’ll have to wait for Google to examine your application, and once you’re sure it does not contain any malware or compromise the data integrity of your future users on Android phones, it will be approved. A good tip for all publishers is to use effective names that allow you to understand the functionality of the application, the multi-language translation of the same and the insertion of images and videos that describe the operation.

Obviously these precautions will not be enough to be successful, try to satisfy the needs of users who have not yet been solved by other applications, or do it better.

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