How to publish an app for iOS on Apple Store

Developing an application for iOS can really be a great way to succeed as a programmer, a good app today is the best business card of its capabilities. Once you have made the decision to develop an app for an Apple device you have to write the code and publish the application on the App Store. How will you do it? Here is a guide:

  • First you need to create an AppID from the Provisioning Portal, inserting the Application Description here and then the Bundle Seed ID (selecting from a drop-down menu) and the Bundle Identifier ID, where in practice you will specify the application name. Confirm with Submit.
  • Go now to iTunes Connect and log in by choosing immediately after Manage Your Applications by selecting after the Add New App button.
  • In the screen that you will find, this time you have to select the Language of the application you are publishing, after which you choose the Name with which it will be identified in the App Store and to follow a unique number to identify the application. Finish the procedure by choosing the App ID that you had previously chosen from the Bundle ID drop-down menu. Click on Continue to confirm.
  • Afterwards you will have to fill in further fields concerning your application, such as the app screenshots, the minimum age of the users to whom it is addressed, a description and all that will ask you later.
  • Now go back to Manage Your Applications, the previous page. Here you will see the indication Waiting for Upload, or the invitation from Apple to complete the publication of the app with the obvious upload of the source.
  • Now you have to get the Provisioning Profile, which is the identifier needed to upload the app on the App Store. Go to the Provisioning Portal, select Provisioning and then Distribution.
  • Now click on New Profile and enter your data, ticking the App Store checkbox and selecting the AppID first. Download the profile and import it into Xcode.
  • On Xcode now go to the Code Signing section and you will see the newly created profile. Now go to Product and then Archive and waiting for the list of compilations made by the Organizer to appear. Choose Distribute and then the Submit to the iOS App Store option.
  • Confirm with Next and then enter your Username and Password related to your account.

So here you are, your application will be sent to Apple and its team of programmers and testers who will try it and confirm it once it is found that it complies with Apple rules for publishing App on the App Store

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