What is Dubsmash and how it works

In the infinite universe of smartphone applications there is one that is catching the attention of Android and iPhone users, we are talking about Dubsmash, the popular application that allows you to combine “selfie” videos (ie recorded with a front camera) to sounds such as music, animal verses and much more.

How does Dubsmash work?

Here, once you start the application you will find the really vast list of sounds at your disposal, these are uploaded online by the users themselves and then made available to all users of the app, so you will find yourself in front of the most diverse options, from music of the samba, the roar of a lion, the tearful soundtrack, what you have to do is look for the sound that suits you, and then choose it. Once done you will find yourself in the “Record a Dub” menu, ie, record your selfie video.

From the moment the camcorder will start recording even the music you choose will first start with it, and will allow you to play in a funny way with it. For example by mimicking the sounds of animals, or humming a song, or talking to the sound of a film you extrapolated, and much, much more at your disposal.

Once you do that you will end up with the video preview, if this convinces you will not be anything else but choose to send it to your friends, the methods of sharing are the classics, starting from the omnipresent blue social network, then Facebook passing through unfailing Whatsapp. Of course you can also just choose to save what was done in the gallery, and then share it on any other online service, and not only, you are interested.

This application has now become a real international phenomenon, developed in Berlin at the end of 2013 by a small start up, Mobile Motion, now boasts more than 2 Million downloads for Android alone. If you want to test yourself in your video selfie with voiceovers and background music will not therefore remain to download.

For Android, the download of Dubsmash is at this address, for iOS from this other address.

Have fun!

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