How to sync a Gmail account with Thunderbird

If you want to set up your Gmail account to read and reply to emails with Mozilla Thunderbird, here is a quick and easy guide for setting up the program to receive mail from your email by google locally. The procedure to follow is as follows:

  • Activate the IMAP protocol from Gmail
    • Log in to your Google Mail account
    • Click on the gear icon at the top right and choose Settings
    • Click on Forwarding and then on POP/IMAP
    • Select Enable IMAP and save the changes
  • From Thunderbird instead
    • Go to File, then New and then to Mail Account
    • In the dialog that appears, choose Mail Account Settings
    • Enter the log-in information and Thunderbird automatically recognizing the Google account will use the automatic procedure to allow you access

But if you are not convinced of the automatic configuration you can always choose to perform the manual configuration, in this case – always after configuring the IMAP protocol on Gmail – from Thunderbird follow the procedure to create a new e-mail account and this time you enter the login information for the Google account, in particular these:

Incoming: IMAP
Server Name:
Port: 993 SSL/TLS Authentication: Normal Password

Outgoing: SMTP
Server Name:
Port: 465
Normal Password

Now set as both the incoming User Name and the Outgoing User Name, your email address like [email protected], now you can click on done and you have concluded the synchronized download process (whether you have chosen the manual procedure or the automatic one) in local e-mail from your google mail account.

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