Do you want to download mail from your Outlook account locally using the Mozilla signed email client, the famous Thunderbird?

Then follow the steps below for automatic, or manual configuration of the Outlook account.

Automatic configuration: 

To proceed with the automatic configuration, once you have installed Mozilla Thunderbird on your computer, here is how you should proceed:

  • Open the application and go to the File menu
  • From here choose New and then Create an email account
  • In the Mail Account Settings window, enter
    • First name
    • Email address
    • Password (and possibly the check on Remember Password )
  • Click on Continue and proceed
  • Thunderbird will automatically suggest you the basic configuration for your email manager and you can simply click on  Done  to start downloading mail to your computer

Manual Configuration:

If you want to manually configure the email client settings of your email account to work smoothly with Outlook then here’s what you need to do:

  • As before, go to File – New – Create an email account
  • Now in the Mail Account Settings tab by selecting (if necessary) the Manual Configuration enter the following values in the fields where you will be prompted
    • Inbound :
      • IMAP
      • Server Name:
      • Port: 993
      • SSL / TLS
      • Authentication: Normal Password
    • Outgoing :
      • SMTP
      • Server Name:
      • Port: 587
      • SSL/TLS
      • Authentication: Normal Password
  • Click on Done and start the local synchronization of e-mail on your computer from your Microsoft Outlook account


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