In recent years, the need has been growing to overcome the blockades imposed on websites, when they are accessed by Internet connections located in public places, such as for example their own school. However, connecting to social networks is often more than just a moment of relaxation, as they offer us the possibility of receiving important updates on the status of friends and family. For this reason it becomes important to bypass the block of Facebook wherever we are, on the basis of some special sites that can provide us with a proxy, or a practical way to browse the social networks without being subject to the restrictions imposed on the network.


Let’s first examine, able to go beyond the restrictions imposed and calibrated on the network firewall by the admin of the same. The site is presented in a simple way, offering the user a form to fill in with the URL that we want to visit by typing in a white field. This website also proves to be able to allow us to surf other sites in addition to the well-known social network Facebook, simply entering the domain name and pressing the Go button, possibly setting some options including URL encryption and acceptance for use cookies to make navigation easier.


Then follows, which summarily presents the functions of many online proxies useful to access sites protected by IP filtering or the usual firewalls. Here, too, surfing is very simple: just enter the URL to visit in the appropriate field, enable some of the desired options (including SSL encryption) and press the Begin Browsing button. It is also possible to choose whether to accept cookies or to allow the browser to transmit information on the referrer.


We conclude by showing you, free proxy able to hide our real IP and allow us to surf on sites like Youtube and of course Facebook. Zend2 allows a higher IP traceability compared to other alternatives, also offering us to edit our browsing preferences by checking user agent and referrer (freely editable) from our virtual browser window.

The services shown allow the achievement of our social networks or favorite sites of all kinds, in case they have been blocked by the settings of the network in use: we wish therefore a good navigation to all without blocks, directly from your browser without the need for additional software.


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