Very often, operating on the Internet, it can be useful to find the IP address of a website, which is configured as a sort of univocal identity of the Network of the resource that we are going to visit. This numeric string can be obtained in different ways, using software freely downloadable online, or by running some instructions through the classic Windows Command Prompt. To find out the IP address of a website, simply open the window, directly from the Accessories menu of the Windows version in use, or by typing the command “cmd” from the Run menu.

At this point, we can choose whether to use one or both of the commands prepared to search for the IP address of the desired site. Assuming you want to search for the Google IP, we can type in the nslookup” or “ping window. Both methods will carry the IP address of the chosen resource, easily readable from the Prompt window.

However, for some advanced users, the short information obtained with these methods may not be enough: it is possible, therefore, to exploit some of the highest level network tools, including Dnsqueries, available at this address: it will be able to offer us a simple mask among its Ping Utilities, in which we will simply insert the URL relative to the network resource of which to discover the IP address. By pressing the Send button, we can start sending packets to the searched site, and in a few seconds find a black screen that will indicate information about the ping and, in brackets, the IP address searched.

The resources illustrated up to now are able, with a greater or lesser degree of precision or technical specifications that we can customize, to return the IP address of a site, and to verify the reachability and rapid response capability of its servers, elements of great importance to send and receive data from our most frequently used online resources.


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