The Internet is a huge place, where billions of people run the web at the same time searching for information. Won’t it be interesting if it will take two strangers in contact with each other?

Here, this in short is what makes Omegle, very famous casual chat among strangers around the world. Even before Chatroulette in fact, in 2008, an eighteen year old American had the brilliant idea of allowing people alone and bored to talk to each other and launch Omegle.

Omegle was born as a text chat of the type 1 to 1, or between two people at a time, simply identified as You and Stranger. No need to register, so you do not need to provide personal data or email, you do not choose nicknames or personal status, you do everything simply and with a few frills. Just connect to the site ( here the link ) and choose whether to start a text chat or webcam.

In fact, for a few years alongside the classic text-only chat the possibility of seeing you face to face with the user you are chatting with has been introduced. What extends, for better or for worse, the potential of this service.

Talk to Stranger is the motto of the site, and in fact the textual chat is the heart of the service, which as mentioned has expanded to chat with webcam, but also brought the controversial aspects of the thing with it, such as the presence of perverts that show themselves naked. For this reason, Omegle prohibits the use of minors under the age of 13 and requests that children under 18 be accompanied by adults, in addition a service has been developed to control the exchanged contents that ban the IP of users who show nudity on cam. All this to safeguard the goodness of the chat, which remains a service for those who just want to chat online.

The popularity of the service has reached peaks of more than 150 thousand users connected simultaneously over the years, and for some time to increase its user base, and make the chat usable even from mobile, the staff of Omegle has created comfortable and free applications for smartphone, for iOS for example the app download is available from this address.

Then connect to the website to start the chat, text or cam, and start chatting with strangers. You will improve your conversation skills, meet new people and get in touch with foreigners from all the world’s cultures.


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