Many wonder how to block access to a site with Firefox, given the fact that in most browsers there is always something that causes interference and distracts us from our work. We can try to concentrate, but inevitably our attention is focused on funny images or videos, maybe to unlock a bit the tension accumulated during the study or working hours.

To succeed in our business we recommend this extension, but it is good to explain all the steps and discover all its features. We are talking about BlockSite, an extension able to block all the sites we want, according to our choices and needs. Moreover, it presents the ability to disable all hyperlinks to such sites: how? Displaying the link text without the click functionality.

To activate the extension and block particular sites on Firefox, you will have to click on the BlockSite Options button, go to Tools, click on Add-ons and set the Preferences item in the context menu. To add the various extensions to the browser you just have to do is click on “Add to Firefox” or “Continue and Download” buttons next to what you are interested.

Also, you can stop sites using the wild symbol, which is a simple asterisk. Obviously there are other interesting remedies to use, especially if they open pages without consent and offensive content, such as ProCon Latte to block keywords and FoxFilter. Remember to always read carefully all the information of each additional component, as in addition to blocking certain sites is also able to unlock them in case of error. Whenever you type the site blocked in the URL, Firefox will remind you that it has been blocked; if you want to protect your children from harmful web sources, always protect each additional component with a password so that they can not be unlocked.


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