4 best online langauge translators tools alternative to Google Translate

The times of the dictionaries have passed, those huge, heavy books to leaf through and reshape in order to find the words we wanted to translate. Today, thanks to the web, it is possible to translate in one click: just enter the word we want to translate, in a specially elaborated window or bar, click a button and done, we will have the translation at your fingertips. Some sites offer the possibility to directly insert entire pages and return a good translation. Council, in any case, to always review it to improve its form.

Below are four of the best translation sites on the web. Let’s see

Google Translate

Google Translate is the most famous translator on the web. It offers the user the ability to translate words in every language of the world (also in Latin). It allows you to insert entire pages to be translated, or through copy paste, or by directly typing the link to the page you want to translate. Also you can listen to the texts thanks to a voice synthesizer on the site, to learn the pronunciations.

Bing Translator

Bing Translator produced by Microsoft; it is very similar to the previous site. In fact, even Bing Translator allows you to translate entire pages by copying and pasting text in the appropriate window or by inserting the link of the page to be translated. It gives you the opportunity to listen to the texts to learn the pronunciations. However, it translates fewer languages than Google Translate. It does not translate Latin.

SDL Free Translation

SDL Free Translation is a site that allows you to translate texts and listen to them in order to learn how to pronounce them. Its interface is very simple to use for anyone! The page you want to translate can be typed by hand in the dedicated window; or else, you can directly upload text documents in doc, ppt, odt, pdf and txt format. It translates about 40 languages.


REVERSO is a translation program that has been tested on thousands of translated texts: the result that jumps to the eye is that of a continuous improvement in the quality of the translation. Offers the possibility to hear the pronunciation of the text. Also, if the source text has errors, Reverso will correct them. The Reverso team enriches the site every day with new words.

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