Problems with WordPress 5 and the new Editor Gutenberg : Solution

WordPress 5.0 is reality. The new version of the most famous CMS in the world introduces a flood of innovations including the revolutionary editor Gutenberg, which however is creating many compatibility problems with plugins and optimal display of pages. We provide you with the definitive solution

How to disable Gutenberg on WordPress 5 and solve all compatibility issues

WordPress 5.0 was released a few days ago and among the many new features there is also Gutenberg, which is the brand new built-in default page editor that revolutionizes the editing of pages on WordPress like never before.

Gutenberg allows you to create “block” pages, a bit like the external Visual Composer plugin, and for those who use that kind of plugin will find the interface of the new WordPress 5.0 editor familiar.

If you want to experience the potential of Gutenberg open the Gutenberg Live Demo to get an idea of how it is the new editor of WordPress 5.0.

Unfortunately, the upgrade to WordPress 5.0 with Gutenberg is creating many problems for many websites with incorrect layouts, incompatible plugins, single page access errors and much more.

Also I’m having several problems with the new WordPress update and as I manage many sites, I’m seeing all the colors, especially those heavily modified have problems with layout.

The solution to everything is and is to disable the new editor to get back the classic editor that we all know on WordPress, so as to get everything working as before but with the benefits of the new version, more secure, WordPress.

How to disable Gutenberg on WordPress

So if you are among the fastest of the first moment that have updated the site to WordPress 5.0 and are having problems the solution is there and is to disable Gutenberg.

To do this you need to install a plugin called Classic Editor, and it is officially developed by the WordPress team, which will allow you to get back the old WordPress Text Editor before version 5.0.

So to disable Gutenberg, the new WordPress 5 editor you need to install the Classic Editor plugin and activate it by downloading it for free by clicking on the following link:

Download Classic Editor for WordPress

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  1. It’s rather sad that the only viable solution is to go back to the way WordPress used to be. I had the same problem and the WP team said that the copy/paste issue would be resolved in 5.0.1 but no word when that will be hitting.

    I think WordPress may wind up having to extend that 2 year deadline to the Classic Editor.


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