Counter Strike: Global Offensive is now free and has battle royale mode

Valve has changed the way it distributes Counter Strike: Global Offensive and now the game costs nothing to play – has entered the freemium wave. In addition to being played by anyone, the game opens a new mode called Danger Zone, which is the battle royale with another name.

Even with the repeated premise since the success of PUBG and FortniteCounter-Strike: Global Offensive’s battle royale mode is different in some ways. The player will be inserted into an island from the air, with no equipment and must find everything on the ground. Instead of handing over weapons, ammunition, vests and weapon upgrades, the game gives you cash and some boxes.

With the money the player can buy everything they need – in a format already known from the good old CS. The difference is that the equipment is delivered via drone and one player can knock down the other delivery drone, steal the contents and leave the victim at a loss. In addition to being stolen, a drone approaching means that there is another player in the area.

If you do not want to make the drone noise and be found easily, just collect the money scattered around the map, use it to open doors and mount the equipment silently. Another difference is that instead of 100 people on an island, the Danger Zone will only put 16 or 18 – the largest amount is reserved for matches in teams of two or three people.

In addition to the new mode, Counter Strike: Global Offensive is now free to play and there are only cosmetic purchases, along with a kind of VIP access that turns the user’s account into Prime. This type of account costs $58.99 and offers only gambling with other Prime users and extra content at no cost.

If the player has paid to play the game in the past, the account will be moved automatically to the Prime status.

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