Lately we have often talked about the violation of privacy, for this reason we thought of writing an article that you can refer to if you also fear for your data on Windows 10 devices. In this article we will see the best tools to control privacy on Windows 10.

Privacy on Windows 10

The famous operating system collects more and more data and personal information to be shared with Microsoft, which is why it can be very useful to select which information you want to share or not. Windows 10 offers excellent tools for privacy control, but let’s see which ones.

Manage privacy on Windows 10

Very easy and fast procedure to manage privacy on Windows 10. First you have to go to “Settings” and select the “Privacy” section.

Clicked on the “Privacy” section, the menu will open with all the configurable items; moreover, just above the latter, there is a search bar with which to search for a specific request.


Let’s start with the general configuration of the “Privacy” section. Here, to avoid any kind of sharing, it will be enough to deactivate all the entries.


In the “Location” section you can select which apps can access your location. If you want to block this functionality altogether, you will have to click on “Location Service“.


Once you have reached the “Camera” section, deactivate only those applications that you do not use or that you do not think should access the camera, leaving only those that you use more diligently active.


Similarly to what was done with the “Camera”, in the “Microphone” section you will be able to select which apps can use the latter or not; it is not convenient to completely disable this function because, as mentioned with the camera, some frequently used apps may use it.

Background Apps

Once you have reached the “Background Apps” section, you can decide which apps on your PC will be able to start automatically with the operating system.

Diagnostics & Feedback

Finally, as a last step, in the “Feedback” section you can choose to share with Microsoft only the basic information of the system and not your personal data. To do this you only have to go to “Diagnostic and usage data” and select the “Basic” type.

Improve privacy on Windows 10-tool

Beyond the Windows 10 tools, there is a completely free software that allows you to control aspects of privacy that are not easy to access or that Microsoft wants to hide to prevent the configuration. The program we are talking about is WPD.

Once downloaded and started the program, the main menu of the latter will appear, so you will have to select “Privacy” among the available tools. Appeared the list with all the items, you can easily disable those that interest you or you can turn them all off simultaneously. To restore the configuration to its default state, simply click on the “Default” button.


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