How to publish to multiple Facebook groups at once

If you are part of several groups on Facebook and need to make a statement or announce a sale in all (or a good part of them) you may need a tool that can publish to several Facebook groups at the same time in a few clicks.

A plugin for Google Chrome usually solves all kinds of problems: the “Toolkit for FB” by PlugEx. There is also a version also for Instagram “Toolkit For IG“.

The extension can perform several bulk actions on your behalf, but to avoid a temporary ban on using certain features, be aware of the limits (maximum 50 posts).

How to post to various Facebook groups

  1. Download the “Toolkit for FB” by PlugEx in Chrome;
  2. Click the extension icon in the browser to start;
  3. On the screen that appears, search for “groups” (they are many resources);
  4. In “Post on multiple/all Facebook groups”, click on “start tool”;
  5. The tool only processes text posts. In “Enter status text” type;
  6. You can select a time interval between one post and another;
  7. Select all or which groups you want to share the message;
  8. Click “start posting”. Wait for the process to finish to exit the page.

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