How to Publish videos on YouTube (mobile and PC)

In this guide we will see what it takes to publish your videos on YouTube, whether through your computer or with your android or iPhone

Posting videos to YouTube has already been a lot less simple than it is today. The Google Video Platform Upload Tool offers a lot of tweaks in the desktop version, but even the iOS and Android mobile app is easy to use and even allows the user to make minor editing adjustments to the video.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to post videos on Youtube for both your computer and your mobile device (cell phone or tablet), as well as understand the differences between each method.

Posting videos to YouTube from your computer

The desktop version upload tool is the most comprehensive, with a great deal of tweaking that can be done while the video is uploaded to the service. Still, uploading a video is fairly easy.

  1. Enter the YouTube site, click the camera icon and then on Send video;
  2. On the next screen, click the icon circled in red or drag the chosen video to the same area;
  3. YouTube will open a new window and start posting your video. In Basic Information, you must set the video’s namedescription, and privacy rules(whether public, unlisted, private, or scheduled). you can also set a cover thumbnail on this tab;
  4. Under Monetization (if enabled), you can set advertising settings and which ad types can be displayed:
  5. In Advanced Settings, you can allow or disallow comments, set video licenses, enable age restriction, report a paid or endorsement of a product or service, set languages, and allow viewers to contribute or not with translations, among others.
  6. Once you have made all the adjustments, click Publish.

And now, your video will be posted to the channel as soon as YouTube finishes processing it.

How to post videos to YouTube on mobile

The YouTube version for iOS and Android is also capable of posting videos, but with fewer options. The focus is on practicality, so more complex functions are left out. Still, it provides very good editing adjustments for those who capture videos with their smartphone or tablet, dispensing a more elaborate post-production on the desktop.

  1. Open YouTube and click the camera icon ( circled above in red). If you have not yet granted access to the app, please confirm;
  2. The app will give you the options to record a video and stream live, but just below the two icons will display your video gallery. Click the video you want to host the service;
  3. YouTube will then offer cut and apply adjustments to a soundtrack and filters, and will ask you to define a name, a description, the privacy options and a location where the video was captured;
  4. Done all the adjustments, click the arrow at the top right.

And ready. Once this is done, YouTube will process the video and host it on your channel.

What are the differences between one method and another?

The way the computer uploads is much more complete than by mobile devices. It allows the user to make a series of fine adjustments, which are not available in the app’s upload tool (which may not be editable later).

The user can, through an iPhone (iOS) or Android device, only set in the settings whether a video is public or private, choose the name and description.

On the other hand, it offers basic editing options that a desktop user has in more specialized apps, but for all other tools, you need to access YouTube properties on the desktop.

Other than that, the YouTube version for mobile devices can do the same things as for computers: record videos, start live streams, or upload an already-ready attraction, at any resolution and file size.

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