How to write bold and italic on Facebook

Sometimes we look for ways to make a message on Facebook stand out from the others, especially if it is a public post. Although it does not exist natively, it is possible to write bold and italic in the social network. Here’s how to make your scraps stand out more by using special formatting.

It is worth mentioning that the effect is visible in both the version of Facebook for computer and mobile phones. However, some mobile devices may not work perfectly.

1. To format the text to be highlighted, first access the “Unicode Text Converter” website;

2. Now write the message you want to bold and/or italicize in the blank space;

3. After entering your text, click the “Show” button. Various formats for your message will appear on the screen;

4. Select which formatting you want. Besides bold or italic, there are others available also;

5. To copy, just select the phrase with the effect chosen and then press Ctrl + C;

6. Paste your message, using Ctrl + V, in the text editing part, on your Facebook profile.

Ready! Now you can customize and highlight your messages on the social network.

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