Restart forcefully and put iPhone XS Max and XS in DFU mode to perform a hard reset

It can happen that even a new and shiny smartphone has the problems and even the new iPhone XS Max and XS can suffer slowdowns, blocks or even be affected by a virus and bugs.

Here to fully recover the functionality of the smartphone in some cases it is necessary to do a hard reset and restore it to the initial factory conditions. Apple from iPhone 7 has also changed the way to force reboot the iPhone and on the latest models in the X range is still different since there is no central home button.

Here in this article we will see how to enter DFU mode or force reboot the iPhone XS and XS Max. So now to put DFU mode on the iPhone XS and XS Max we can no longer click the home button and power button but there is a slightly different procedure.

Forced reboot of iPhone XS and XS Max

If your iPhone XS and XS Max has locked up to restart it forcibly you must:

  • Press and hold the Standby button for 3 seconds.
  • Also press the Volume Up button for 7 seconds.
  • Release both buttons when the device turns off completely.

iPhone XS and XS Max DFU mode

Now that the smartphone is off, to start the iPhone XS and XS Max in DFU mode, you have to follow the following steps:

  • Start iTunes
  • Connect the iPhone XS and XS Max to the PC or MAC.
  • iTunes will automatically detect a device in DFU mode.
  • After this iTunes will open and the Restore item will appear.
  • To make a hard reset of the iPhone XS and XS Max it will be enough to start the restore to download the latest version of iOS available for XS and XS Max and proceed with the total format of everything.

So you will have the device as just purchased, working but without anything, so you will have lost everything.


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