How to recover deleted audio from WhatsApp

It is possible to recover deleted audio from WhatsApp, regardless of how it disappeared from your phone. With the right method, you can access a file lost on your smartphone, or even removed completely, without much complication.

How to recover deleted audio from WhatsApp

1. If the audio has been erased, but not the conversation

If you have deleted an audio from WhatsApp, but the conversation is still saved on your phone, you can retrieve it by locating the message with its audio file manually. In these cases, the link to the audio file remains active in the application and you just need to download it back to your device.

2. If the message or conversation is deleted, but not the audio

There are two ways to recover audio from a conversation that has been deleted. One is accessing WhatsApp audio folders manually (usually WhatsApp Voice Notes or WhatsApp Audio ), using File Manager apps (such as Google Files ), and playing each until you find the recording you want.

Another alternative is to use third-party apps such as Notification History (Android), which is able to archive device notification history, and report when an audio has been deleted.

  1. Download and install the Notification History app on Android;
  2. Open the application, click Allow, and then click OK;
  3. The app will request permission to access the notifications. Click OK;
  4. In the device settings, turn on the app key, and click OK;
  5. When an audio is deleted, open Notification History, locate and click on the notification that contains the message “this message has been deleted“;
  6. Click Voice Message, and then click the .opus file.
    The audio will play.

3. If the conversation and the audio were both erased

If you deleted both the audio and the audio files, you can restore the WhatsApp backup, saved to Google Drive.

  1. Enter SettingsApplicationsWhatsApp,
    Storage, and finally Clear Data;
  2. In the next window, click OK.
    Android will erase all WhatsApp data;
  3. Open WhatsApp,
    re-enter your phone number and verify the information;
  4. If you use Drive Backup, WhatsApp will find it.
  5. Click Restore.

And ready.

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