Deleting the history for any reason can sometimes prove fatal, but do not worry because the deleted history is recoverable in Google Chrome. Thanks to our guide, you will be able to easily recover all your data that apparently seemed to have been lost forever.

There may be various motivations that can lead you to erase the history on Chrome, such as the malfunction of the PC or software, or the desire to delete only a part of the websites visited that inadvertently led you to remove all data.

A guide to recover the deleted history on Google Chrome

If you are working with Windows 7 or higher, start the process by closing Google Chrome and opening the main PC folder, containing the folders Documents, Images, Downloads, etc.

At this point, first click on Organize (located in the menu at the top right), then on Folder Options in the drop-down submenu and then on Search.

This will bring up a new reduced screen, where in Advanced Settings and under the heading Hidden files and folders you will have to select Show hidden files, folders and drives, because by default Windows sets Do not show hidden folders, files and drives.

You should automatically see the App Data directory. Open it and proceed by selecting LocalGoogleChrome and stop as soon as you see the User Data folder. Right-click on it and select Restore previous versions.

To complete the operation and finally recover the deleted history on Chrome, you just have to Apply and give the OK. After closing the window, you can start Google Chrome and check the sites visited before the deletion are back in history.

Advice for the future with Chrome

In order not to take a new fright in the future (and not having to repeat the whole procedure described in the guide), we recommend, from now on, to use the convenient option to delete the recent history.

It is accessible on Google Chrome from the same window of complete deletion of the history and gives you the opportunity to leave the data present before the last hour, day, week or last four weeks intact.


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