How to know if a sent e-mail has been read

Sometimes it happens that you do not receive a reply of the email sent and, contacted, the recipient is justified by saying that he has not read the email and if this is the truth or not we can not know. In reality there is the possibility to find out if the recipient has lied and in this article we will see just how to know if a mail sent has been read.

To confirm reading, it is very useful an add-on compatible with both Google Chrome and Safari. This is Streak, an additional well-known tool among Internet users, downloaded over 50 million times. Streak is the ideal add-on to know if a mail sent has been read and is aimed at all types of users. In particular, large companies and websites appreciate it a lot because they can have detailed information about the opening of the newsletter.

Let’s find out the steps to install Streak, to understand how to know if a mail sent was read:

  • Visit the official Streak website and click on the Install Streak for Gmail button.
  • Once the installation is complete, the automatic redirect to the Gmail mailbox will take place. Access the service using your credentials.
  • The activation of Streak is terminated. From now on to know if a specific email has been opened or not, simply select the option Turn on tracking by default, through the message that will be shown when you write the first email after installing the add-on.

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