Recruiting For The Job – 6 Tips That Get You The Right Candidates

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How difficult would it be to get the right candidate for your various job openings in Auckland? Extremely if you are not careful. This is 2022 and it is important to pay a little more attention to your business and its diverse needs. Let’s not just hire the next person you see for the most critical jobs in your organization. They have to be suitable for the responsibilities that you have laid down for any job profile. If they are not experienced, at least they should have the will to excel in whatever role they pick up. 

But you also have to do a bit of introspecting on your end when it comes to performing your recruitment function. You must come up with a strategy that works and delivers good results. Following are a few tips that you can try to get the most suitable candidates for your various job openings without compromising on the quality at all. Let’s know what they are:

Tips To Recruit Right Candidates For Your Job

1. Give Them A Puzzle To Solve

No, you are not actually going to give them a puzzle to solve but something of a problem or a riddle that pertains to their job responsibilities once they come on board. This is going to be a practical test that your candidates should be able to do well in if they want to secure this job position in your organization. This is going to streamline your recruitment process further. 

The ideal spot for this practice test is the second or third stage of your recruitment function. This practical task or test allows you to be as creative as you want with your recruitment strategy. You can also include a variety of small tests that evaluate the candidate on various aspects of their personality, behavior, skill sets, experience, analytical abilities, attitude, business ethics, and a lot more.

2. The Talent And Culture Fit

Of course, the first thing that you are going to pay attention to is the skills, qualifications, and talent of the candidate. There is a certain ability that they require for any job opening in your company. Apart from that, there is the aspect of cultural fit that you should also look into. Regardless of what hiring practices you follow, make it a point to assess the employee based on their job competency and also the way they mingle with their diverse teammates. Assess whether they understand your consumer base or not. Evaluate what their approach is towards diversity in the workplace. Get to know their cultural background and whether they would want to work with a team as diverse as yours or not.

3. What About A Tour Of The Company?

Have you ever considered taking a probable candidate on a tour of your company/offices and/or departments? This could be a fantastic icebreaker and also a great way to flaunt your company culture and brag about your successes to them. No? Well, jokes apart, several It recruitment agencies auckland would recommend you to take this approach in building a higher degree of curiosity among your candidates. 

You need to stay in the building and show them around a little. Gauge their reactions. Answer their questions. Evaluate whether they show any interest in your various departments or not. This could be one of the most practical and friendliest approaches to incorporate into your recruitment strategy for 2022.

4. Grab A Bite With Your Candidates

Is this even practical? Won’t it be frowned upon? Why do you care? You are a dynamic employer and you believe in equality along with diversity. It is not unheard of for managers and leaders to share a meal with their candidates or potential employees. Hitting the nearest cafe or inviting them into your office cafeteria to share a meal is a great way to know them better. It allows you an opportunity to do the following:

  • Understand a little more about their background and education 
  • Engage them in a casual conversation to understand their perspective towards life 
  • Evaluate their body language and responses when you present them with a few difficult questions
  • Notice how courteous they are towards other candidates in the group

5. Understanding Their Specific Experiences

Every candidate is going to have a few specific experiences and accomplishments to talk about. Having said that, a lot of them would want to talk about those achievements more openly. If you are the one taking their interview and assessing their capabilities, this could be one of the biggest conversation starters. It will also let you understand their true passions and interests and the USP that they will be bringing to the table. You can also prepare a short questionnaire based on the STAR method, which is situation, target, action, and result. This is a great way to understand their past experiences and what they learned from them.

6. Evaluating Their Work Ethic And Overall Attitude

You will be deviating from the traditional methods of recruiting candidates for your various job roles. Not many employers in Auckland think about taking this approach but you can be the one doing it for the first time in your industry. You can begin by looking out for their language, the phrases they use, and the expressions they commonly deliver in their conversations. This helps you ascertain whether they will have any difficulties working with other employees in your company or not. It is also going to help you evaluate their ability to work under stress and deliver on stringent deadlines.

The Recruitment Function Shouldn’t Be That Difficult After All

After going through these tips, your recruitment function shouldn’t seem as difficult as it used to be in the past. You must be willing to shed those age-old approaches that were a strain on your resources and delivered little to no results. Go through these tips and regardless of whether you have made up your mind about any candidate or not, treat all your applicants as your potential employees. They are your true assets. You never know where you may stumble upon an underrated treasure.

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