How to remotely control an Android phone

The creators of AirDroid have released a new app called AirMirror, designed to give you remote access and control over other Android smartphones from your Android device or even from your computer. The new app tries to very helpful for the technicians who provide assistance for Android devices.

Through AirMirrora user can have full control of another device through his own, allowing them to diagnose and solve any problems. As for general users, most could use AirMirror to remotely control a smartphone via AirDroid from a larger screen such as a tablet or conveniently from a laptop.

Below, we will provide details on the features and a download link for AirMirror Apk for Android. The key thing to remember is that AirMirror Apk is a partner app of AirDroid and the entire AirDroid infrastructure, can not be used as a standalone app.

You need an AirDroid account, the appropriate plug-in installed on your browser and a reliable Internet connection. Think of AirMirror as an external display for your smartphone but with all the controls. The phone display is mirrored directly on the device from which you are checking it.

Added to that display the output is the input functionality. If your control device is another phone, all the controls will remain as they are, but they would be moved to the controlled device. In a nutshell, if you’re familiar with TeamViewer on the desktop platform, AirMirror is the same thing for Android.

Some case scenarios include: support for users of senior Android devices, troubleshooting an app, testing an app on separate hardware, and so on.

How to remotely control an Android phone

How to install AirMirror APK on Android device

Step 1 – Download the AirMirror APK:

File: AirMirror_1.0.apk
Size: 16.08 MB

Step 2: Locate the APK you just downloaded, open it to install it.

Step 3: If you are installing an APK directly for the first time, you will receive a notification to enable the “Source unknown” setting. On your phone, select Settings> Lock screen and security or Security settings> Unknown sources.

Step 4: After activation, the app should be installed. You can open the app using the same shortcut you had before or through the app menu.

We just finished seeing how to remotely control an Android phone. Make sure you have also installed AirDroid on the device you are controlling from, as well as on the smartphone or tablet.

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