How to delete a number from a WhatsApp contact but not from the phone

WhatsApp uses the directory of your mobile device to create its contact list, the problem arises when you want to delete a contact from WhatsApp, but not from the directory. What option do you have?

Delete a contact only from WhatsApp and not from the phonebook.

There are many reasons why you want to do this. You have exchanged numbers with anyone, but you do not want to receive his New Year’s messages or view his profile in your WhatsApp contacts list, you want to delete his WhatsApp number, but not necessarily from your phone calendar.

I went straight to the WhatsApp site, hoping they would have a solution, but they simply advised me to remove the contact from my phone, which is why I prepared two possible solutions to this problem.

Method 1: Block the Contact on WhatsApp

WhatsApp offers a feature that allows you to block a user. This means that the user will no longer be able to view your profile, status update, latest information, or contact you, but the user will still be able to call you and send you a message using other email applications. So you can always call you if necessary.

  • Find the contact you want to block and open the chat window. Click on the three points at the top right of your screen. There is an option called Show Contact. Click on it.
  • Scroll down a bit and you should see the option to block in red. Click on it and confirm. You have finished.

Blocking someone on WhatsApp does not mean that the user’s number is removed from your WhatsApp contact list. His name will still appear in the search, but you will stop seeing his status updates and you will no longer receive his messages or calls.

If the blocked person tries to call, he will hear the call ring, but will automatically disconnect after ringing for a while, the blocked person will see the message “Not available”. If he was not stuck, he would have seen the message “Unanswered Call”. It’s a good way to know if you have been blocked by someone! More importantly, the user will not be able to view your profile, profile picture or other account details.

Method 2: Save the number as a note (not in SIM!)

Another solution is to edit the contact and save the number not in the numeric field to enter the phone number, but as a note. In this way, WhatsApp will think that the number is deleted and will not show you the person in the contact list so that this person is no longer able to see your profile, just go to Settings > Privacy > configure all the settings for only My Contacts.

As this person no longer forms part of your contact list, will no longer be able to see your information (status, history, profile, profile picture …)

Do you know of another way to remove the WhatsApp number without deleting it from the phone’s calendar? Let us know in the comments below.

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