How to remove or change photo background on iPhone

Knowing how to remove or change backgrounds is certainly one of the most important operations for those who like to edit their photos and there are numerous applications created specifically for this purpose. In this article, we will show you how to remove or change background photos on the iPhone.

Remove or change photo background on iPhone

Thanks to the numerous applications designed, it is possible to create complex photomontages, using a smartphone or a tablet, without having to be a graphic expert.

How to remove or change photo background on iPhone

Removing the background from a photo therefore becomes child’s play thanks to the many applications available; below you will find the best ones available for iPhone:

  • Background Eraser is the first application to try on the iPhone; this has been specially designed for the purpose of deleting and removing the background of a photo. This app is very simple to use and requires only to select the part of the image with the finger that you want to make disappear, thus leaving only the figure in the foreground. During the process of removing the background there might be some jagged and dirty edges in the photo, but the app will take care of blending and softening them, making them part of the image;
  • PhotoLayers is an app similar to Background Eraser, specialized in rendering the area of ​​the background to be removed transparent, so as to then be able to overlay the extracted image on another background and create beautiful photomontages;
  • Adobe Photoshop Mix is a version of Photoshop oriented to the mixing of photos, in order to create overlaps and photomontages. With a very intuitive interface, you can overlay images by adding more layers. Once you have chosen the image to be used as background with the + key, you can add the background image. Each shape or figure can be cropped and made more immersed in the background in order to look real and not a photomontage of bad quality;
  • Afterfocus is the application that allows you to remove elements from a photo with a background blur effect ( bokeh ). As far as this app is concerned, it is always advisable to use the manual and not the automatic blur tool, which is inaccurate. Manually you can then select the part of the photo that you want to keep clear, so as to blur everything else;
  • Pixlr has always been one of the best photo editing apps, which also includes the function to remove the background from any image, making it so transparent. Pixlr can be used to also remove backgrounds automatically by simply selecting the area to be deleted;
  • Photo Background Changer allows you to remove and change the background of a photo almost completely automatically;
  • PicsArt is one of the best photo editing apps on the market. The latter includes the tool to divide photos into layers and delete the background. The level manager is located between the editing tools on the right side of the screen (by pressing the brush and then the series of overlapping squares). Still with PicsArt you can then take the extracted figure without background to overlap it with another image.

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