Microsoft launches Cortana and Alexa. what are they? These are virtual assistants present in your Android phone. You have a virtual Google assistant already installed on your device, known as Google Assistant. Many users were bored and wanted to try a different assistant on their device that could be more effective.
This guide will help you to replace the Google Assistant with Alexa or Cortana on Android according to your preferences.

There are a lot of help provided by the Android market to help you choose the best Google assistant for you based on your use and convenience, but there are also standard virtual assistants. You can try Alexa and Cortana, select the one you find most comfortable to use and then continue with it.

How to replace the Google Assistant with Alexa or Cortana on Android

You can not wake Alexa / Cortana directly with words. You must use the Google Support wake-up command to activate them. For example, if you want to open Alexa use the voice command like “Ok google … open Alexa”.

How to replace the Google Assistant with Alexa or Cortana on Android

Step 1: Download and install the preferred Google Play Store assistant from the download links in the previous section.

Step 2: Go to Settings> Apps and Notifications.

Step 3: Touch System Apps> Assist and voice input.

Step 4: Tap the Assist app> Select Alexa/Cortana> touch OK.

Step 5: Close the settings. Hold down the center button and assistance will be activated immediately.

Step 6: You can also open Alexa by voice command saying “Hey Google … open Alexa”.

NB: this method works on all Android devices.

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