Replacing broken iPhone screen: all you need to know

Broken iPhone screen: how to fix it? Here are the costs and how to replace the display in case of damage.

Your iPhone has fallen to the ground and the screen has broken? A problem that sooner or later affects almost all iOS users and that unfortunately irreparably damage the phone.

Do not panic, everything can be easily solved through different solutions able to replace the screen of our iPhone in the sixth as if it had just come out of the box.

How to do? There are several methods and solutions. The first, banaler, concerns the cracks of the screen: if your iPhone has fallen but, despite the famous webs, it is still working apply a film of tempered glass.

In this way you will limit the damage by stopping the crack for a while, in addition to protecting your fingers from splinters (if you have already applied one previously, make sure the screen is really damaged and if you keep the one applied).

But if you have been more unlucky, and after the fall your iPhone is working but completely unreadable, you will have to resort to a complete replacement of the display.

Broken iPhone screen: what to do?

Unfortunately, even if the damage to the display is minimal, the screen can not be regenerated/repaired.

The iPhone display must necessarily be replaced. The replacement of the iPhone display does not necessarily imply the deletion of data, but before proceeding with the repair it is advisable to backup the device in order to avoid any loss of virtual contents.

For the bravest, is aware of the possible consequences on your device, there is a much cheaper way: buy the new display on the network and decide to replace it autonomously.

On YouTube you can find several guides, divided by model of the iPhone and its screen, while on Amazon or other virtual stores you can buy a brand new display with the related accessories for a few dollar replacement: these are non-original components, Apple provides the official materials through their stores and only by choosing the repair at the Genius Bar.

Before proceeding with self-repair it is essential to know that:

  • the choice to open iPhone without going through Apple means that the warranty immediately ceases to be valid;
  • it is possible that the operations of replacing the display can eliminate data;
  • using tools not suitable for display replacement can damage the iPhone.

To be able to reassemble the device more easily it is suggested to insert all the pieces removed in numbered paper cups so as not to confuse them.

Replace iPhone screen via Apple Store

The display can be replaced by going to an Apple Store. Replacement takes place generally in a short time without the need to leave the device for assistance. You can find the nearest Apple Store by clicking here.

Assistance can also be requested online directly from the Apple website by clicking HERE. This option provides the sending to the chosen address of a courier that will take care of bringing Apple iPhone to make the replacement and then return it to the owner at a low cost.

Replacement iPhone display: warranty and Apple Care

Does the warranty cover damage to the iPhone screen? No, the break of the display depends on a human error and not a factory defect attributable to Apple, therefore it is not possible to obtain discounts or total free operation, despite the warranty.
If at the time of purchase of the iPhone you have chosen to activate the special AppleCare + warranty.

AppleCare + is a special insurance policy applied by Cupertino to all its devices, available separately and with a variable cost depending on the device: the service includes up to two years of assistance and two interventions for accidental damage, with a small additional contribution.

These are the costs of repairing an iPhone screen without Apple Care:

  • iPhone XS Max $361.20
  • iPhone XS, iPhone X $311.20
  • iPhone XR $221.20
  • iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6s Plus $191.20
  • iPhone 8, iPhone 7, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6 Plus $171.20
  • iPhone 6, iPhone SE $151.20

The costs of replacing the display with AppleCare + are radically lower, corresponding to $29 for all the models listed above. Appeal missing iPhone 5s, recently removed from the line of products supported for Apple for an intervention. Through this link you can check any assistance coverage or purchase additional AppleCare + support by entering the serial number of your device.

The AppleCare + warranty prices are as follows, by model:

  • iPhone XS Max $229
  • iPhone XS, iPhone X $229
  • iPhone XR $169
  • iPhone 8 and 8 Plus $149 and $169
  • iPhone 7 and 7 Plus $149 and $169

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