Free PES 2019 offer on Xbox One, here’s how

PES 2019 is available free of charge on Xbox One via digital copy for a limited period of time: here is how to take advantage of the offer.

Great news for PES fans in possession of Xbox One: the latest version of the football simulator, PES 2019, is available for free on the digital store of the Microsoft console.

The special offer has emerged a few hours and fans of FIFA 19 equipped with Xbox One can not miss the opportunity to try PES 2019, always an official rival of the EA Sports game.

Microsoft has made the title available for free for a limited period of time for all three versions of the console, Xbox One, Xbox One S and Xbox One X, alongside another historical title in the gaming community: PUBG – Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, the title of reference of the genre Battle Royale.

PES 2019 free: how to download it and start playing

As we have already pointed out, PES 2019 is free right in these hours for a limited period of time: but what does it mean?

On this wording there are several doubts: it is not clear in fact if this caption indicates a possible limited period in which it is possible to take advantage of the offer, or results as a warning of a free trial window at the end of which the game should necessarily be purchased.

For a few days or less, PES 2019 is currently available without paying a penny and is so worth taking advantage of. To do this, simply log in to the Microsoft Store and download the game in digital format.

Just a few steps: from the main menu of your Xbox console just access the Microsoft Store and search through the convenient search bar PES 2019. Beside normal paid versions, you will find the icon for Play PES 2019 free for a period of time limited, clicking on “Get” will start the download of the game that will then be available on your home in digital format.

The special offer reserved for PES 2019 seems to be a way for Microsoft to celebrate the Xbox FanFest, scheduled for this Saturday at the same time as the event to be held in Mexico City. The leading IT company led by Bill Gates promised important news to celebrate fans all over the world.

Try it temporarily or not, the opportunity is tempting to be able to test in a complete and free one of the industry’s leading stocks, being able to reflect on a possible subsequent purchase.

The game is available for download in the digital store starting from 59.99 dollars for the classic version (the same you can try these days for free), for 69.99 dollars for the David Beckham Edition and 79.99 dollars for the Legend Edition.

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