New PS4 Hack for all firmware, even for PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim

Coming up with a new exploit for PS4 that allows editing, hack and jailbreak on any firmware and any console, including PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim

New PS4 Hack for all firmware, even for PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim

Great news come for all users in possession of Sony’s PS4 console.

Apparently, in fact, a new exploit is coming that would allow to hack and edit on all the PS4, including PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim and especially on all the firmware, even the most recent ones that have not yet been violated.

If confirmed, it would be a SUPERB news and it would mean that the hackers finally got full control of the Sony console. And what’s even more interesting about all this is that it seems that this hack does not require the installation of any custom firmware.

But let’s analyze the details that have appeared on the web so far.

New PS4 hack on all firmware November 2018: the situation

As already anticipated, we begin by saying that at the moment nothing is official and above all we do not have anything concrete yet.

For now we only know that a group of hackers ( Fail0verflow ) seems to have found a new exploit on PS4 that would allow you to have full access to the console and its functions without going through a custom firmware.

This new exploit seems to pass through the HDMI port of the console and the procedure allows you to bypass all the limits, blocks and controls of the original PS4 firmware.

In practice, the procedure allows you to take full control of the Sony console without changing firmware. And this would allow all PS4 users to start games downloaded from the internet without buying them or installing homebrews and other unauthorized codes on the console quickly and easily.

New PS4 hack similar to that of Nintendo Switch

The hack, it seems, is similar to that discovered for Nintendo Switch and that obviously allows you to start non-original games and downloaded from the internet. In order to be completed, however, it requires opening the console completely and accessing the circuits since, as anticipated, it is a hardware and non-software hack. 

Surely the procedure is not suitable for all users but is only executable by the most experienced, but the positive aspect is represented by the fact that this hack works on ALL the PS4 and on all the firmware, even those that until today were “armored” “From Sony.

The official statements of the PS4 hacking team

Here are the ones that at the moment are the declarations of the hackers who discovered this new exploit for PS4: 

PS4 on, and vice versa The exploit involves feeding the console (by exploiting bugs in the CEC interface on the PS4 – CEC is the bit of the HDMI protocol ) in order to trigger a bug that will let you overwrite data in the PS4’s Southbridge (known as Aeolia or Belize depending on the hardware revision) and get code execution from there.

There is also an image that could explain everything better, but I am personally very ignorant on the subject and I do not understand much.

How do I hack or edit on PS4?

At the moment, as anticipated, NO official guide on how to run this hack has been released and we DO NOT know if it will ever be released.

The sure thing is that Fail0verflow has unearthed this hole on PS4 and has confirmed that the hack works on all the PS4 and on all the firmware. And it’s not cheap!

We’ll see what happens in the next days. Surely, however, the PS4 hack scene is very hot and may soon get a guide explaining to everyone how to hack or edit any PS4 and any firmware.

For now it’s all, but continue to follow us not to lose all the news about it!

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