How to set up call forwarding on Android

Diverting calls can be a very useful function for those who work with the phone and can receive multiple calls at the same time. As much as you can be good in fact, it is not possible to talk to several people at once: in this article we will explain how to handle the forwarding of calls using Android.

For this operation it is necessary to use some specific apps. Those shown in the next lines are just some of the software that can be used for this particular function: nothing prevents you from finding better with others not present in this article.

What apps to use for diverting calls on Android?

Even before installing any app you need to check if your Android phone has an integrated option to manage this operation yourself. This depends on both your telephone operator and the device manufacturer. Regarding Android 8.1, the operations useful to the cause are as follows:

  • Go to Settings
  • tap Call account (depending on the phone model it may have slightly different names)
  • then choose the SIM card from which you want to set up forwarding and tap Voice call forwarding

You will have several options to choose from and choose according to your needs. It should all be pretty clear, keeping in mind that some operators, for example, do not allow you to enable the forwarding of calls to your voicemail when you are busy. Once you’ve set up call forwarding, you’re ready to set up this feature. Call forwarding via dial codes

If you want to do things big, you can even set up call forwarding using dial codes. To make sure that they work, enter the dialling codes followed directly by the telephone number you wish to forward, then end with “#”. So if the selection code is *21, *enter *21*1234 56789# (if the phone number in question is 1234 56789).

Here are the call codes that you can enter directly in your telephone dialer:

  • *21* – Unconditional call forwarding
  • *67* – Call transfer when busy
  • *61* – Call transfer when you are not answered
  • *62* – Call transfer when you have no signal
  • *004* – Call forwarding when you’re busy or have no signal

A little confused, right? Precisely for this reason, most of the Android users resort directly to the already mentioned App. Below we show you two of the best available.

Automatic Call Forwarding

With Automatic Call Forwarding everything is easier (as can be guessed from the name of the app). Automatic call forwarding with this software is enhanced by several specific features that are at the same time easy to activate: for example, with Automatic Call Forwarding you can activate or deactivate the forwarding of calls by location (or in based on the Wi-Fi network you are connected to).

If you have multiple SIM cards in your phone, you can set separate call forwarding settings for both, providing unique instructions for the different WiFi networks you are connecting to.

Call Forwarding

Call Forwarding is presented as a simpler app, but with a feature that makes it rather appealing: you can set up lists of numbers to forward calls so you do not have to keep typing numbers each time.

It’s simple, it works, the combination of colors almost makes it look like it’s designed for children: all this translates into an extraordinary simplicity of use.

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