10 Roguelike games [Windows, Xbox One, PS4, Android, iOS, Linux, Mac]

The term was coined to refer to the RPG game Rogue (1980). Technology has advanced, so check out the list of 10 Roguelike games that have evolved over the years. Games are no less challenging with modernity.

Roguelike games 8

The main characteristic of the game style is the creation of: dungeons, rooms, meetings and events at random. Each game will be different from the previous one, but death will be your company in all of them.

What features of Roguelike games?

  • Graphics from another era (the concern is with gameplay);
  • Simple to play, but not to master (simple commands);
  • Randomness on the map;
  • A very high difficulty (challenge Sirs!);
  • Permanent death is one of the most striking traits in this type of game (resilience is the key);
  • They still preserve much of the RPG (the character gets stronger as he gains experience);

Let the challenges come!

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth (Windows, Linux, Mac)

Try countless times to defeat each boss. If you die, go back to the beginning. Be careful not to drown in your own tears, the world is cruel.

Roguelike games 1

Hades (Windows)

Die trying to get stronger, accumulate the weapons that were used against the Titans, accept gifts from distant relatives (gods of Olympus) and make Hades’ life miserable.

Roguelike games 2

Enter the Gungeon (Switch, PS4, Xbox One, Windows, Linux, Mac)

Action game based on overcoming dungeons, hence the name pun.

Roguelike games 3

Downwell (PS4, Switch, Windows, Android, iOS)

Always down is the motto of this vertical shooting game Roguelike.

Roguelike games 4

Hero Siege (Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, Mac)

Take on many enemies in the open: melee, shooting, casting magic … Everything you expect from a true epic.

Roguelike games 5

99 levels to hell (Windows, Linux, Mac)

The game will try to deceive you, so stay focused, it is not simple to end the father of lies. Recurring theme that from hell.

Roguelike games 6

Neon Chrome (PS4, Xbox One, Android, Windows, Linux, Mac)

Beat the mazes of a large futuristic organization that wants to control the whole world.

Roguelike games 7

Darkest Dungeon 2 (Windows)

Dungeon exploration with turn-based combat. Overcome your fears and don’t go crazy in the process.

Roguelike games 8

One Way Heroics (Windows)

Finally, the most similar to Rogue (1980), move the only way possible against the darkness.

Roguelike games 9

FTL – Faster than light (iOS, Mac, Windows, Linux)

Control your ship and crew to explore the universe while evading oppressive forces.

Roguelike games 10

Why play Roguelike

There are countless benefits in this type of game:

  • Stimulates resilience;
  • Hours of fun;
  • Easy to learn;
  • Challenger;
  • It grows with experience.

I can put countless adjectives of the style, but the truth is: you will not be able to stop.

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