Samsung CEO: No one will use smartphones in next five years

According to Samsung, smartphones are about to become obsolete. According to South Korean design chief Kang Yun-Je, the manufacturer reached the limit of mobile phone innovation when developing the Galaxy Fold and now must focus on other types of products to continue to employ innovations in the technology market.

“Smartphone design has reached its limit, which is why we are developing a folding screen smartphone,” commented the designer. “But we are also focusing on other devices that are starting to make a broader impact on the market, such as smart headsets and smartwatches. In about five years, people won’t even realize they are ‘wearing canvases’. It will be all intuitive”.

Samsung CEO DJ Koh echoes the perception that smartphones are about to become an outdated technology, saying that new things like artificial intelligence, the Internet of things and 5G are bringing a new era to market: years were the age of the smartphone. From this year onwards, perhaps a new era is coming due to these technologies mixing and acting together. The new age is ahead of us”.

Samsung CEO DJ Koh
Samsung CEO DJ Koh Exhibits Galaxy Fold to Audience: Korean manufacturer believes smartphone era is coming to an end (Image: Reproduction/ The Economic Times)

Some market analysts understand Samsung’s perception as correct, indicating that the smartphone was a big piece of its time, but that other handsets now take the lead in the market: “The smartphone was a great device for what I think was a transitional period between desktop computing and the paradigm known as ‘freedom computing’”, said Diego Cibils, co-founder of artificial intelligence software company Kona.

Cibils argues that, instead of carrying our screens with us, the future will belong to multi-screen, interconnected devices in various locations, capable of performing tasks we previously performed on our mobile phones, through things like virtual screens displayed on walls or embedded in our cars. and clothes. “You can have the same experience no matter where you are,” he says.

“The folding screen phone will last a few more years,” he predicts. “Another physical format is also possible, but I say that as soon as 5G and the Internet of Things become available together, we should think about new smart devices instead of smartphones. They may decline, but new devices will emerge. ”

Source: MS Power User

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