Have you purchased a new Samsung smartphone? Here’s how to transfer data from the old device and back up with Samsung Smart Switch and more.

Samsung Galaxy: how to transfer data to a new smartphone

Transferring data to a new smartphone Samsung Galaxy: a need that involves all users who choose to say goodbye to their old device (Android or iOS) but still want to keep, on the new phone, all the numbers, contacts, photos, videos and files on the device for retirement. Samsung offers several methods, including Smart Switch, to help users who choose to rely on a new smartphone in the range without the risk of losing valuable documents and content.

Samsung is, undoubtedly, one of the leading companies in the mobile sector: users can count on a range of new and updated smartphones which makes it possible to transfer data from a device to the other in a simple and intuitive way, through different methods. Here are what they are.

Samsung Smart Switch: how to transfer data

Samsung provides everything you need to perform a secure and risk-free data transfer through Smart Switch, an official application that allows you to backup your old smartphone. There are two versions, one for PC and one for mobile devices.

If you have purchased a new Samsung smartphone and want to make the new device the same as the old one (with app, contacts and all data) you just have to proceed through this app.

From PC or Mac connected to Samsung’s official website and, through the drop-down menu at the top, click on Mobile and Mobile App, then Smart Switch and start Download. Install the application and after finishing the setup and accepting the terms and conditions started the program. With the USB cable of your old smartphone connect the phone to the PC and start Smart Switch that will reveal the device.

Once identified, click on “Back up” to start copying all the data on your device. Wait for the operation to finish displaying a screen with all the data collected and copied. Smart Switch copies everything from the phonebook to the history, including images, music, messages, applications and previously marked settings.

Now the process to transfer the data of your old Samsung on your new smartphone is the same, but reverse: connect the new device to the computer, always using the appropriate cable, and select “Restore”. The backup will now be transferred to the connected smartphone, which will receive all the data. If you do not want to copy everything, you can choose which files to transfer by checking the files you need.

Smart Switch: the app to transfer data from a smartphone

If you don’t have a PC and cables, then the best option is to rely on the application available on Android.

There are two options, either wirelessly or via cable (by connecting the two devices) to transfer your data to the new smartphone. Once you have downloaded the app on both devices it is easy to perform all the transfer operations, always refer first to your old smartphone and keep the old one in front of you to proceed with the insertion of a special PIN to start the connection without cables.

The commands and options are in this case extremely simpler: just select the contents to be transferred and click on Send from the old smartphone and Receive on the new one to get all the data you need.

Finally, do not underestimate the Google Cloud services, such as Drive, to transfer data to be downloaded promptly on a new smartphone. Even microSD, usually always compatible with most Android smartphones, are valid allies to receive all the photos, videos and documents previously saved on the ticket in a short time.


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