Following an excellent promotion, you have decided to change your old iPhone with the latest model released, so now you would like to find out how to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone so you do not lose data and start from scratch. In this new guide today, we will reveal all the available solutions to do it quickly and easily.

How to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone via iTunes

The first solution we recommend to use to transfer apps, data, and settings from an iPhone to another is to exploit iTunes, the famous management software devised by Apple itself.

The program is included on all Macs while for Windows PC can be downloaded from the official website by pressing the button Get it from Microsoft to download it from the Microsoft Store or press first on the Windows entry (below Are you looking for other versions? ) And then on the 64-bit Download button. After doing this, you need to create a backup of the old iPhone and restore it later on the new model. The whole operation can be done in a very simple way.

Here are the steps to follow:

  • Connect the old smartphone to the computer using the Lightning cable and then start iTunes if it does not start automatically. If you see an update notice of iOS, proceed by pressing the appropriate button because the version of the operating system must be the same on both iPhone.
  • Now, click on the phone icon at the top left of the main software window and choose Summary using the left sidebar.
  • To proceed with the backup of the device on your computer, press the Make backup now present under the item Back up and restore manually in the Backup section.
  • At the end of the operation, disconnect the old iPhone, connect the new model and start iTunes if it does not start automatically.
  • If you have already set up the phone, you need to proceed with the reset. To do this, always press on the iPhone icon located at the top left in the Apple program window, choose Summary and then click on the Reset iPhone … button. If you are asked to backup your smartphone, choose Do not backup. On the contrary, press on the appropriate item if you wish to save the purchases of applications and multimedia contents made with the iPhone on the PC. Remember that to proceed with the recovery, you need to disable the Find My iPhone function if you activated it. To do this, open the Settings of iOS, press on your name present at the top and choose iCloud. Then, click on Find My iPhone in the Apps section that use iCloud and tap on the switch in correspondence of the Find my iPhone.
  • Now, iTunes will ask you to update the new iPhone to the latest available version of the operating system, of course if there is. Accept and wait for the operation to complete.
  • Once the restore procedure is complete, click on the icon of the iPhone at the top left, check the Restore from this backup option and choose the backup to restore through the drop-down menu.
  • Finish the procedure by pressing the Continue button and wait for completion. The new iPhone will have the same data, applications and settings on the old model.

How to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone via iCloud

If you do not have a computer or you do not want to connect your iPhone to the PC because maybe you are looking for a simpler and faster solution, you can use iCloud. The operation consists in creating an online backup (using an Internet connection) from the old iPhone and then restoring it on the new model.

Before revealing the steps to do, it is necessary that both iPhones have the same version of iOS. To check for new updates, follow the path Settings > General > Software update.

That said, carefully follow the steps listed below:

  • On the old iPhone by, open the Settings of iOS, click on your name in mind at the top and choose iCloud.
  • At this point, find the entry iCloud Backup in the App section using iCloud and press on Backup Now in the screen that appears. Of course, to access this feature, the iCloud Backup item must be active. If you have a device with a previous version of iOS, the option is accessible by following the path Settings > iCloud > Backup.
  • Now, grab the new iPhone and proceed with the reset through the Settings by pressing on General and Restore. From the displayed screen, press on Reset content and settings and press twice on Reset iPhone. Obviously, this step should only be done if you have configured the new smartphone.
  • At the end of the recovery procedure, proceed with the Reset configuration following the guide instructions.
  • At this point, to restore the backup created just now using iCloud, choose the appropriate option, access your Apple ID and accept the terms of use of iOS.
  • Once the operation is completed, the app, settings and data of the previous iPhone will be present on the new one.

How to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone via AirDrop

In case you do not want to transfer all the data on the old iPhone but only a photo, a video or a contact in particular, you can take advantage of the AirDrop technology. This allows you to pass files wirelessly between two iOS devices.

Before discovering the steps to follow, you need to activate both Bluetooth and Airdrop. In the first case, open the Settings of iOS, press on Bluetooth and activate the toggle next to Bluetooth. In the second one, instead, swipe from the top edge (to the right) downwards to access the Control Center, make a long press on the connection box, press the AirDrop icon and choose All from the displayed menu.

Having said that, let’s find out how to proceed together:

  • Open the file to be transferred from the old to the new iPhone (for example a photo via the Photo app) and press on the square containing an arrow pointing up ( sharing icon ).
  • Through the menu that appears, press the icon of the new iPhone to transfer via Wi-Fi.

How to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone: alternatives

In addition to the solutions reported in the last lines, it is possible to pass files from one iPhone to another using other methods that we list below.


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