Samsung could get ahead of everyone in hiding camera and sensors under the display for an extreme borderless design

Notch at the terminus: Samsung hides camera and sensors under the display

The controversial notch, although it has been pushed into the world of smartphones by Apple, a sought-after and innovative design icon, has never breached the hearts of lovers of clean design without frills.

Now Samsung, which has never digested the notch, is developing a solution of its own that will hide the camera and sensors under the display.

If now the fingerprint reader under the display is a well-established reality, there is still work to do and refine the mechanism but I would say that on several top of the range works best, for sensors and especially the camera is still to be produced something working without problems.

Regarding the audio there are those who already have an alternative solution, such as bone conduction through the body, but Samsung has developed a technology that allows you to play audio directly from the display.

If audio can be a minor problem, Samsung does more, because the camera and also the various sensors are hidden under the display.

The innovative display was presented during the AMOLED Forum 2018 in South Korea, and the local producer showed how the new display technology has arrived.

Meanwhile, that Samsung’s technology will be refined, the trend of 2019 could be the holes on the display where the various sensors and cameras will “come out”, literally piercing the display.

The next few years, after a stalemate, will be revolutionary for the telephony world. We will see some beautiful ones.



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