Problems in iOS 12 are still many despite the various updates released by Apple and now you can not download the email in Mail because an error message appears? Unfortunately there are many users who have reported similar problems to yours even in previous versions of the operating system, so let’s see some solutions to the error Unable to get the mail that appears on the iPhone and iPad preventing us from downloading the emails.

Unable to get mail on iPhone and iPad: what to do?

The causes of this problem can be many, but the only way to try a solution is to perform various procedures (from the simplest to the most complicated) going to exclude some hardware or software problems that prevent us from using Mail without problems.

Check the internet connection

The first step to try to find a solution to the problem Unable to receive mail or Can not Get Mail may seem obvious but it is the most important: check that your device’s internet connection is working perfectly and make sure you can visit various websites, from social networks to some forums and websites of national newspapers without problems.

Make sure that the internet you are using, whether it is 4G or Wi-Fi has no problem or limitation to access certain servers or addresses: it often happens that the hotspots of some public facilities limit access to a few services so we may encounter problems to read and download mail from iPhone and iPad.

Restart the device

If the connection is fully functional, a forced reboot (hard reset) of the iPhone can only bring benefits and approach a solution. Hard reset is a procedure for everyone that does not cause data loss and requires the simultaneous pressing of several keys on the device or a specific sequence that will forcefully reboot the device and reset some system parameters useful for correct operation. I suggest you read this article on how to hard reset iPhone.

Check problems with your mail provider

If the problem has not been solved and every time you open Mail it appears you can not receive mail, check that there are no disservices or maintenance interventions by your email provider. It could happen that for cyber attacks, introduction of new features or other improvements, there are some temporary disruptions: contact your customer service provider and make sure everything is working perfectly, otherwise wait a few hours to try again the connection through the iOS Mail app.

Check the configuration parameters

By contacting the e-mail provider, take the opportunity to ask or search the official website for the configuration parameters for more famous clients if there were any changes to the server’s address. If you are using the automatic configuration procedure for an iCloud account, Exchange, Google, Yahoo or Outlook, you should try to update iOS to the latest version or, if your device does not support the latest updates of the operating system, to use the official app of your mail provider by downloading it from the AppStore.

Re-authenticate with the e-mail server

Another possible solution is to force authentication with the e-mail server by simply re-logging in or rewriting the password: so after entering the Account and password section of the iPhone settings, choose the account that fails to receive mail, tap on Account above and re-type the password making sure to enter it correctly: at the end, tap on Finish.

Cancel and re-create the account

Finally, one last solution to the message Unable to get mail is the deletion and reconfiguration of the offending mail account in Mail. The procedure described below causes the elimination of all the e-mail messages stored in the device related to the account that we will delete; make sure you have a backup copy of the messages or use the client via the IMAP protocol so that you always have a copy on the server otherwise you could irreversibly lose all the emails you have downloaded in the iPhone or iPad.

Only after having made a backup or making sure you have a copy of the e-mails on server, you can perform the deletion and reconfiguration of the box; then open the iOS 12 Settings and follow these steps:

  • tap on Account and password
  • select the email account that does not work properly
  • choose Delete account that appears at the bottom and permanently delete the configuration of the mailbox

To configure the account again:

  • open Settings and go to Account and password
  • tap on Add account
  • follow the instructions provided on the screen by entering the required data and any configuration parameters

I hope that the solutions proposed in this guide have been useful to solve your problem, if you have found solution with other procedures, you can send suggestions through the contact page.


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